Beck’s Billiards, located in Phoenix, Arizona are the Pool Table experts & specialize in moving pool tables.

We aren't "general household movers" as we are 100% about pool tables. That is all we do and all we have been doing for over 20 years in the Phoenix area.

Pool tables are not any piece of furniture. They cannot be picked up by 6 guys and moved without being damaged. In fact, most quality moving companies will not touch items such as pool tables and piano’s because they require a specific set of tools and skills in order to get them perfectly level or tuned.

The Certified Mechanics at Beck’s Billiards have over 15 years minimum experience in the industry and have been authorized installers of every major manufacture in the country. Our equipment is second to none as we use Starrett machinist levels that are accurate to 1/5,000 of an inch and exceed every industry standard. We are simply the best at what we do and we guarantee it with a lifetime level warranty. Check out our FAQ page for even more information about what we will use to move your pool table, about our pool table moving services and more.

Becks Billiards

How it Works

We make it as easy as possible for our clients... go to our color chart to determine the new felt that you want (it's usually best and the most cost effective/affordable way to change/update the felt during a pool table move since we have to take the pool table apart anyways). Then check out the room size chart so we can provide an exact quote to move and re-cover your pool table. For immediate assistance call us at 602.999.0006 or for your convenience, you can also schedule your next Pool Table move by using our online scheduling form by clicking Move My Pool Table.


(Breakdown, Move, & Set-up)

3-piece, 1” slate tables without stairs or mileage fees

  • 7 Foot $239
  • 8 Foot $249
  • 9 Foot $299


(for Internet-purchased or China-made tables)

  • 7 Foot $300
  • 8 Foot $350
  • 9 Foot $400


in Mali or Championship felt, 21 oz.

  • 7 Foot $249
  • 8 Foot $249
  • 9 Foot $299


when combined with moving or setting up a table

Simonis Felt

  • 7 Foot $375
  • 8 Foot $400
  • 9 Foot $425

Breakdown only

  • 7 Foot $100
  • 8 Foot $125
  • 9 Foot $150

Description of services listed above:

Breakdown – the disassemble of a pool table only

Set-up – the complete assembly of a pool table not including covering the rails

Move – the transport of an already disassembled pool table to another location

Recover – putting new felt on the bed & rails of a table, leveling not included

New Set-up – putting together and re-felting a new table, including the rails

All prices are subject to change at any time. Additional fees may apply due to: mileage, stairs, thickness of slate, quality of pool table, etc.
Proper quote: In order to receive the best possible quote via e-mail or over the phone it is best to have these key elements about your pool table: the size, the manufacturer(Connelly, Olhausen, Brunswick, etc), 1 piece slate or 3 piece slate, etc..