Don't have "regular movers" try to relocate your pool table... let the pro's handle it!

The damage that you or an untrained mover who has little to no experience transporting/installing a pool table can cause will cost much more than choosing our Pool Table Moving Service that we have at Beck's Billiards.

Why you should use us: What makes us the best in the business is our Master Technicians, the best leveling equipment in the industry, quality products and the goal of providing the best quality and value in the market. A pool table is only as good as the technician who assembles it. Our Master Technicians have been servicing pool tables in the valley for a minimum of 15 years. We have worked on, and are certified installers of every major manufacturer in the U.S..

What Equipment do you use? One of the things that sets our technicians apart from the others is our equipment. All tables serviced by us are leveled with a 12” Precision Starrett Machinist level that has an accuracy rating of .005” per foot. These are the finest levels available, used for precision work that is typically required in industry. We use this equipment to ensure the best possible playing experience and back it up with a lifetime level warranty.

They all have these features:

  • All level bases are made from the finest quality seasoned cast iron and are precision-machined on the reference surface.
  • Non Machined surfaces have an attractive, black wrinkle finish.
  • Groove and bearing flats are machined together for maximum accuracy.
  • An involute longitudinal groove between the bearing flats for accurate seating on round work. This groove has a special involute design, permitting better centering and greater capacity to handle larger rounds.

Why is it important to find out what kind of felt and rubber a company uses when servicing your pool table? Felt and rubber, like any other product, have different qualities. Many companies will use low cost cloth (18oz.) and cheap import rubber to save a few dollars, but in the long run, this will end up costing you hundreds of dollars because the life span of these inferior products is half. The standard cloth we use is an 80% wool 20% nylon blend that is 21oz. per linear yard and comes with a Teflon stain resistant guard. The average lifespan of this felt in the home is 6-8 years. The standard rubber we use is C.L. Bailey tournament grade K-66 cushions. We have found these to be some of the fastest most accurate cushions available on the market and we back that with a 10 year parts and labor guarantee. We also use products such as: Simonis 760 and 860, Artemus rubber and Tour Edition cloth for an additional fee.

Are you the Cheapest? Can you find someone cheaper to move your pool table? Yes. We do not claim to be the cheapest, but we do guarantee the highest quality and most value for your money. We will beat the price of any comparable company (licensed, insured, experience) that uses the same quality products. Sign up today and get $20 off your next Pool Table Move.

Are you a local company? Yes, we have been in Phoenix for nearly 20 years. We are located at 19401 North Cave Creek Road, Suite 30B, Phoenix, AZ 85024. Our store site is BecksBilliards.com

Do you sell Pool Tables and other Billiard products? Yes, we have a full line of high quality new and used pool tables as well as pool room furniture and more. Visit us at BecksBilliards.com for our new pool tables, furniture and gear or check out our Used Pool Tables at UsedPoolTablesPhoenix.com

What do I do next? Call us at 602.999.0006 or Click here to Schedule your Pool Table Move Today.

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